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About me

Hello and Welcome!

If you want to achieve financial independence, make your own schedule, enjoy the finer things in life and be surrounded by beautiful things and have your lover chase you around the house…then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Jane Lorenz and I am an intuitive empowerment coach, business mentor, author and producer and host of the global telesummit “Your Inner Evolution“.

In my signature coaching programs I provide mindset and personal development skills along with the structures and techniques to create success in your business and personal life as well…your version of La Dolce Vita.

I love working with women who have big dreams and are ready to take their business and life to the next level.

So whether you are an online business owner, an entrepreneur or working in Corporate America, I will help you create abundance and prosperity in every area of your life.

Some call that success. Others refer to that as heaven on earth.

I call that La Dolce Vita!


What is La Dolce Vita?

That means “the sweet life” in Italian.
And for me La Dolce Vita includes vibrant health, loving relationships and the money and time freedom to enjoy it all…on my terms!

For years I struggled financially, physically and emotionally. And I blamed all my problems on money or the lack thereof. I believed that if only I had enough money, if only the economy would improve and I could get my old job back, then life would be great again.

But I was wrong.

I always equated being “successful” with how much money I was making.
But it wasn’t until I began my personal development journey, my inner evolution, that I realized money is just a small part of my overall happiness.

That’s why I am so passionate about helping women reclaim their self-confidence, gain clarity on their purpose and passion and harness their personal power.

So what does your version of La Dolce Vita look like? 

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