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Another dream comes true

I am off to Paris.

That’s right…me and my daughter Ally are off to Paris for 4 days!

I have been dreaming of going to Paris for YEARS!!

Back in November I wrote down a few more things I would love to do and added them to my Dream Box.

A Dream Box is something I have been doing for years and it’s one of the first things I have my private clients do. I encourage them to find/buy a pretty box or something to hold your wishes in (keep reading for instructions on how to make your own Dream box).

Not knowing when or how this was going to appear in my life, I wrote “Paris in spring”, made the wish to make it happen as I placed it in the Dream box and walked away.

My daughter’s graduation was coming up. She’s not one for big parties or jewelry but I wanted to make the occasion memorable.

In February I had an idea…I will take her to Paris.

When I wrote “Paris in spring” a part of me was like “maybe not this spring, but one of these springs”.
I had forgotten all about this wish. I have to be honest, I don’t pull a wish from my Dream Box every day. Sometimes weeks go by.

So imagine my shock when last week I looked through the box (to remind myself of what was in there) and pulled this out.

OMG!! I had already manifested it. I was leaving in a few days!!
((That’s my Paris wish next to my pretty Dream Box))

paris wishlist

What are you dreaming of?

Where would you love to go?

Make a Dream Box!

Take a piece of paper and cut into 10 pieces. On each piece write down one thing you want to do/place you want to go and put it in your Dream Box. I like to hold the piece of paper up to my heart before putting it in the Dream Box as if to infuse it with my desires.

Then every day pull one out and either do it or research it. I encourage you to pull one every day. It’s OK if you don’t. I sometimes go weeks without pulling one.

I have to tell you, it is in that time span when I am not pulling out a wish on a regular basis that I am feeling the most stressed or bored. But then I reach into my Dream Box and everything changes.

I always say there is something magical about writing down your dreams.

This Dream Box has helped me manifest fabulous trips (Key West, skiing in Vermont) and also things I love to do but never find the time (walking along the beach, concerts, dinner at fancy restaurants).

I learned this from one of my mentors and I highly recommend you start a Dream Box of your own!

Another item in my Dream Box is finding a great lipstick…I have tried 3 different ones so far and none of them really do it for me. Who knows…maybe I will find it in Paris!

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