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Don’t settle for water with lemon

I remember a few years back, when Tom and I were struggling financially, and we took the kids out to dinner (must’ve been someone’s birthday) and I ordered water with lemon. Then the waitress asked Tom what he’d like to drink and he said “Vodka Seven”. And the waitress asked “house Vodka?” and Tom said “No, Smirnoff”.

I kicked him under the table!

I am sitting here drinking water with lemon and he’s having premium, top shelf liquor.

He looked at me and said “no one asked you to settle for water with lemon!”

He was right. No one asked me.
No one ever asked me.

I was wearing my martyr cloak. The one that made me feel that my sacrificing was for the greater good.

The peasant.

In the end, we “saved” 4 dollars (it was still happy hour and the drinks were half off).

The way Tom sees it…we spent 4 dollars and he sat there like a King!

Happy to say, those days of living like a peasant are over.
I am the Queen of my life!!


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