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One of the hardest things I’ve had to overcome was my feeling of low self-worth. It’s what led me to play small my whole life.
I had to first believe I was worthy and deserving of the life and lifestyle I was dreaming of and then I had to find a way to make it happen.

I realized I was waiting for someone to give me permission. Some one to tell me it’s OK to pursue my dreams and that they are valid.
Luckily, I stopped waiting and began to take matters into my own hands. I started blazing my own trail and stopped caring about if the time was right or if it was going to be a mistake or not.

Sound familiar??

Then click here to listen to my Master Class: Live, Learn, Upgrade where I will share my tips and tricks on how I stopped playing small and stepped into my personal power and created my version of La Dolce Vita!!

Your playing small does not serve the world!! We are all meant to shine!

No more waiting for permission, no more hiding my light! I want it all and I will not settle for less!!

What about you??

If you are ready to step into your personal power and create your version of La Dolce Vita… listen in on this call where I will share my tips on how I UPGRADED MY LIFE.

Change the root, change the fruit

If you are feeling frustrated, bored, guilty, disappointed, tired, overwhelmed, scared, stuck, exhausted, or any low vibrational emotion, it is your body’s signal, that YOU DESIRE BETTER.

The good news is that this is a simple fix. Your root chakra may be in need of clearing and aligning.

During this call I will share signs and symptoms of your root chakra blocks and what you can do to remedy that. And I will guide you in clearing and aligning your root chakra if you are open to receiving the healing.

If you don’t like the way your life is unfolding, you need to make changes at the source, at the root! And it all begins with the root chakra.

Embrace your Divine Feminine

Are you ready to step into your true personal power and become the woman you know you are meant to be? Recorded live on the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene to honor her as a symbol of strength and courage and faith against all odds.

Mary Magdalene represents the Sacred Feminine and the essence of the following: intuitive knowing, power and strength from within, connection to Divine Source from within, gentle kindness and the wisdom to act from an inner Divine Place.

What the Fs

What is true prosperity and how can you be successful in every area of your life?
Find out what the 5 Fs are and stay tuned till the end for a very powerful self-forgiveness meditation.

Claim Your Throne

Whether you work all day at home, in corporate America or are self-employed, I want to drop a bliss bomb on you! It’s time to harness your Divine Feminine power and go from just running a household to ruling your kingdom! Start your transformation here!

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Guidance Overload

Do you want to make changes in your life but never really commit to making the changes?

Do you plan on implementing the advice you are given but then you don’t get around to it?

Do you find comfort in the fact that at least you’re looking for help by:

  • listening to countless telesummit interviews,
  • spending hundreds or even thousands on Special Offers,
  • joining every expert’s mailing list.

You may be suffering from “GUIDANCE OVERLOAD”.

Listen to this call to find out what that is and the one thing you must do to move your life forward.

Click on this link to access the replay now…enjoy!

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The Winner Takes it All

It’s OK to want more out of life.

You were not born to suffer and want.

You were made to be happy and live in ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY.

Listen to this call to learn how to transition from Victim to Victor! so you can prosper in all areas of your life:

  • relationships;
  • finances;
  • health;
  • overall emotional well-being…

and create the life of your dreams-

instead of just surviving this never-ending cycle of fear, anxiety and lack.

Click on this link to access the replay now…enjoy!

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Kicking up the Seeds

You finally find the courage to follow your dreams (plant a seed) and then the fear and panic sets in.

“What have I done?”  “I can’t believe I just spent all the money!”  “What if this is a mistake??”

This is normal and very common.  It’s the ego fighting for survival.   Listen to this call and learn some tips and techniques to help you stay calm and keep you occupied while you wait for your dream to blossom.

During this call I will:

  • address some of the most common limiting beliefs,
  • reveal the onething that can banish fear,
  • share tips on how I overcame my fears!

Click on this link to access the replay now…enjoy!


CPR for Your Bank Account

I often joke that the best way to solve your money problems is to just make more money.

Now, I know being broke is no joke. But I also know that making more money will only TEMPORARILY provide a solution.

I don’t care who you are, money is the one thing we all want more of, the one thing we never have enough of.

During this call you will gain

Create a
Plan of action;

So you can
Reap the rewards

of your hard work and set you on a path to

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is
And even more amazed at the results you will get.