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Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

A few weeks ago, I shared one of my favorite, go-to mottos: This too shall pass!

I invited you to share yours via email or Facebook. One of you (you know who you are, thank you) took the time to post your favorite motto on the Facebook page:

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”

WOW! I almost fell off my chair when I read that. That had actually been what I had been saying to myself that whole week!!

You see, a few months ago, I signed up for the America’s Food and Beverage Expo in Miami. In the few days leading up to it, I could not escape the feeling that it would end up being a waste of time (3 hours round trip) not to mention the money I spent on the ticket ($40.00) and gas!

The morning of the Expo I woke up and decided I was going!


I got home late that afternoon. My husband asked me: “How was it?”

I hesitated.

He asked me: “Waste of time?”

And at that moment it dawned on me.

“No” I said.

I reflected on the day:

I met some really nice people,

I made a few connections,

I spoke with a woman who just started her business and this was her first expo showcasing her product,

and I drank a lot of coconut water samples.

While I did not come home with any custom orders, I did not feel defeated.

I came home more empowered. I had ventured out of my comfort zone.

Had I not gone I would have missed out on an opportunity to gain more confidence, to hone my people skills and my “elevator speech”.

Had I stayed home I would not have met the charismatic owner of an olive oil company from Spain.



I chose to remember that day as a learning experience.

Have you ever felt this way? Been so excited about an event only to second guess yourself for wanting to go, or going and being disappointed at the outcome?   Questioning why you thought it was such a good idea in the first place?

The best way to overcome the disappointment is to look for the blessing, the hidden lesson.

Reclaim your power! You made the plan, now see it through. There’s a reason, sometimes not what you think and sometimes something you cannot imagine.

The point is you have to follow through. And to take ownership of your decision and not second guess yourself when the doubts and fears creep in.

That’s how you grow and learn and overcome fears and obstacles on your path to living the life of your dreams!

All the best,


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