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The difference between rich people and poor people

Do you know what the difference between rich people and poor people is Jane??

According to Robert Kiyosaki it has to do with how they handle fear.

We all face fears. No one is immune.

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So let me ask you:

How do you handle fear?

You know, that voice that keeps saying “No, you don’t have the money”

or “No, don’t do it. It won’t work and you will look like a loser”

I have to admit: that voice kept me broke for so long. I had lost all trust in myself and my abilities to make decisions that I did nothing. I was just sitting around waiting for some one else to make the changes so my life would improve.

I had no idea I had the power to make those changes.
For years I lived in scarcity and anxiety mode.
Until I learned how to “change the root to change the fruit”!

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