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What does freedom mean to you?

I hope you4th of July was as peaceful and relaxing as mine was.

I have to admit, this holiday has been so bittersweet since the passing of my dear cousin Sal from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

He was 21 when he died and it has been 21 years so it was not lost on me that he has been gone as long as he had been alive.  And from this day on…the numbers in the other column will continue to increase and that just makes the void feel bigger.

And lately all this talk about mid-life crisis and even quarter-life crisis just makes me want to scream!  

Because we don’t know how many years we have to live this life and there’s no guarantee that you will live long enough to make your 40’s your “mid-life” marker…although I hope and I pray its the case for all of us.  

I mean who would have ever thought that age 10 would be Sal’s mid-life. 


That’s Sal…one year before his accident.  Always a jokester.  I was taking photos of his parents new house in Sicily and he found me and said sarcastically “don’t forget to take a picture of the bathroom” and then he ran in and sat on the bowl.  What makes this photo even funnier is that he looks like is isn’t wearing any pants…but I swear he is…they blend with his skin tone!! 

One of the things I value most is awareness and to not take anything or anyone for granted.  And one of the things I am most passionate about is to live life to the fullest now.  To stop making excuses.  To stop waiting.  

I was watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding Part 2 and Toula’s daughter wants to go away to college.  And she says “what am I gonna do without her?”  with an emphasis on the word DO.

Well I know what I am gonna DO…it’s what I have already been doing…building my businesses and travelling and making memories with the people I love while we are all alive to enjoy it.  

Sounds morbid but it’s true.  

You just never know…so make every day count and pursue your dreams and desires.  

This is what true freedom means to me.  

I just never knew how important it was to be able to make my own hours and live the life of my dreams…dreams that I had not even dared to dream because I was playing it safe and caught up in “logic”.

A few years ago I had the belief system that my life could officially start, and I could make it my own, once my kids were off to college (we have another 4 years to go before it is Steven’s turn) but I did not want to waste these years being unhappy and resentful.  

So I made a plan.

Was I scared? Kinda.  But that’s because I was going into uncharted territory.  So I found a way to mitigate the fear of the unknown.  I hired a coach that had walked the path and she not only showed me the way but told me where the landmines were and was there to shine a light when the road got dark. 

And it makes my heart want to burst with joy when I think of all the women that I have been able to help since those days.  And I adore and treasure each and every one of them.  And to think that had I not gotten out of my own way and found the courage to shine my light, our paths would have never crossed. 

When will our paths cross?  What will it take?? 

You can have it all.

I believe in you and I am rooting for you.

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