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Your Inner Evolution

Let me guess:

Your whole life you’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s

You’ve played by all the rules and then when it was your turn the game changed.

You did everything they told you to do:

Get good grades, go to a good college, get a good job, meet and marry a good guy and raise a few good kids. And then one day you realize “good” is not good enough.

Problem is: You don’t want to come off as ungrateful or unappreciative. You don’t want to be “greedy”: I mean, there are so many who would kill to be in your shoes.

But deep down you know you were not meant to live a “good” life. You are extraordinary! And your life and everything about it should reflect that.

You want more but you don’t know what that is. And until you figure it out you will just go along doing what you’ve always done.

Somewhere along the way you settled. You didn’t want to make waves. You avoided conflict. You don’t want anyone talking bad about you or being mad at you.

So you did what you always did and just went along with it. And you smiled, while inside you raged.


So you finally find the courage to follow your dreams and realize you can do or become anything you want but you’re not exactly sure what that is or how to get started.

What would you give to gain that clarity?

What would you pay for that confidence?


This is where I come in.

Thanks to my Life Purpose Coaching Certification, and because of my awesome psychic abilities, in just one hour long session with me I will not only pinpoint your life purpose but also help you monetize it.

Yes, you read that right.

Now, what would you pay for immediate and accurate results like that?

Unlike other coaches/consultants/mentors, I work fast. It is in my best interest to get you to the next level as quickly as possible.



Because when you are consumed with uncertainty and inability to make decisions and overwhelmed and anxious, that negativity weighs me down.

I want to get you up to a higher vibrational level: confident, optimistic, joyful.

And the sooner I get you there, the better for all of us!

I have helped DOZENS of women (and a few men) gain clarity on their purpose and harness the confidence that had been eluding them.
In just one session, I help them find the courage to tap into their desires and lay out the blueprint for their next best step.

They have started new businesses, created new programs, new products, upgraded their careers. And they are all happier and more passionate about their life and future.


So, let me ask you this:

Are you ready to step up to your full potential?

Are you tired of waiting for the right time to get started?

Is this confusion and anxiety getting to you?

What if I told you that in one hour-long session with me I can help you find the courage, confidence and clarity that has been eluding you and keeping you from moving forward…

What if I told you that in that same hour-long session I will provide the blueprint for you to create the life you have been dreaming of…

What if I told you that by the end of our hour-long session you will have a more optimistic and empowered outlook on your future ready to tackle the obstacles that are keeping you stuck and broke…

Would you take me up on it???

current price: $397.00
(value: PRICELESS)

(payment plan available—2 payments of $125.00)

Click below to purchase:

Special Offer: $197.00


Payment Plan - 2 Payments of $125.00


Once your payment is processed you will receive a Thank You email from me with a link to my calendar where you can schedule your session at your convenience.

Imagine waking up every day EXCITED about your life...
the peace of mind that will come with this CLARITY...
all the OPPORTUNITIES that are waiting for you...
and CONFIDENTLY pursuing them with your newfound COURAGE...

let's do this together!
xx Jane