As an intuitive empowerment coach and business mentor I love working with women who have big dreams and are passionate about taking their business and life to the next level.

I will nurture you, hold your hand and love you up. But I will NOT let you stay stuck in victim mode. Those days are over. It is time to take full responsibility of your life.

You want success…you want to create your version of La Dolce Vita…come and get it.
I know how to get you there. I know the way!! I will show you the shortcuts and where the landmines are.

By clearing your subconscious blocks and fears and transforming your limiting beliefs into empowering ones, you will have the clarity and confidence and the courage to pursue your dreams.
As an energy healer…

I use my education, knowledge and expertise to get right to the heart of the matter…the root cause of the blocks and fears and transform them into empowered thoughts and beliefs.

So that you have the mental toughness to handle the stress and anxiety that comes from everyday life.
As an online business owner and private-label manufacturer…

I combine the “masculine” aka structures and techniques (create products/services, tech guidance) and the “feminine” via nurturing, encouragement and confidence (self-care, work/life balance).
So that you can leverage your time and expertise into a system that brings in consistent leads and sales/discovery calls. As a powerful psychic…

I provide mindset and personal development skills along with the business know-how so you can achieve results in a FRACTION of the time of many other programs.

So that you’re not overwhelmed and burned out while growing your business. And so you can show your kids, your friends and family that it’s possible to have a successful business all while having fun.

That’s what living La Dolce Vita is all about.

So whether you are an online business owner, an entrepreneur or working in Corporate America, I will help you create abundance and prosperity in every area of your life…your version of La Dolce Vita.
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La Dolce Vita
But what if you’re still not sure what your life’s purpose is?
What if I told you that in one hour-long session with me I can help you find the courage, confidence and clarity that has been eluding you and keeping you from moving forward…
What if I told you that in that same hour-long session I will provide the blueprint for you to create the life you have been dreaming of…
and how to MONETIZE it…

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